Getting Started with the Model

  • In the IA AM six Themes are identified for an IA activity. The six Themes have been divided into eleven Subthemes and thirty-eight Topics to further detail and clarify the specific aspects that should be addressed by the IAF in order to progress to a next ambition level.
  • The activities that must be performed for each of the Topics, are defined in a questionnaire to measure and rank these topics. For each of the questions the internal audit department is requested to rate to what extent they perform these activities.
  • Please rate for each of the Topics your Current Level achieved and the Ambition Level. The Levels illustrate the stages through which an IAF can evolve its processes and practices to meet its ambitions. As the IA AM shows the steps in progressing to the next Ambition Level, Levels cannot be skipped.
  • The five levels of the Ambition Model are defined sequentially from Initial (1), Infrastructure (2), Integrated (3), Managed (4) to Optimized (5).
  • As consulting services are not unilaterally recognized as a separate mandatory part of the audit services, the IA AM does not allow for the topics related to consulting services to be included in the self-assessment. Therefore mark the box N/A (Not Applicable).