On the print button (1) in the IA AM assessment itself, there are three reports available (2):

  1. Report IA AM
  2. IPPF Compliance Short
  3. IPPF Compliance (full report)

The IA AM Assessment Report is available in four languages. You can select a report language independent from the language you have used to fill in the the assessment. However, the IPPF Compliance Report is only available in English. Below you will find a detailed desription and screenshots of the reports.

In the Report IA AM, there is a management report in which you will find the following information:

  1. Score per Topic (level achieved, ambition and action defined)
  2. Level achieved and Ambition level per Topic per subtheme
  3. Average score per theme (Level achieved and Ambition level)
  4. Average score per subtheme (Level achieved and Ambition level)

The IA AM model is linked to the IPPF standards. The second report, Compliance with IPPF short, reports the IPPF compliance based on the level achieved. When your level achieved score is equal or higher than 3, your are compliant to the IPPF standards. Multiple IA AM topics can be related to one IPPF standard. All IA AM level achieved scores should be equal to 3 or higher in order to be compliant with the IPPF standard.